In 2015 we received a substantial amount of financial support from corporations, local businesses, churches and private community donors/sponsors.  Klickit 4 Kelvin was able to promote and host their first Safety Seat Belt Awareness Event to high school students during the most prominent time they have access to driving cars, the PROM SEASON.  Hanahan high school hosted the event in honor of Matthew & Kelvin.

In August 2015 a local high school requested the organization to host a Back to School Bash. 

We ask local Police Departments, EMS, Fire Departments, Accident Survivors, and many more to be participants at every event to be give their views of safety on the roads. 

Mrs. Karen Richardson the CEO for Klickit 4 Kelvin was asked to speak to Hanahan junior and senior students during a Prom Promise Assembly and   She also spoke at Timberland High School during a Renaissance Rally on the death of her sons and stressing the importance of being safe drivers.



Drive Safe.

Don't be distracted.

Make sure all passengers are buckled before driving.

        T  E  E  N       Q  U  E  E  N  S 

                  R  O  C  K  !! !! !!

Klickit 4 Kelvin continue to advocate in 2016. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richardson was asked to come back the month of April to Hanahan high school Prom Promise Assembly to speak with the juniors and seniors. 

The 2nd Annual Seat Belt Safety Awareness Event was held in April hosted at the Citadel Mall. 

There is always giveaways, games & fun as well as educating the importance of wearing seat belts.  We had students to volunteer to help educate the public about the organization as well asking to wear seat belts when leaving the mall.

  As a surprise Channel 5 showed up & captured the event to be aired on the 6pm segment!!! 

A TRAGEDY turned into a MISSION

that will be a LEGACY.


T E E N     Q U E E N S

S P E A K I N G    O N    

S A F E T Y.